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New York Medical College at Metropolitan Hospital Center



Welcome to the

General Surgery Residency Training Program


Resident Wellness

Surgical residency is a challenging time. Residents dedicate many of their resources to developing clinical competencies, however this does not have to be at the expense of compromising their own physical and psychological health.
With COVID-19, and social distancing measures in place, we want to make sure that our residents have the resources needed to combat possible stress, depression and burnout.   
In the program we are committed to supporting Resident Wellness. The Program features a comprehensive curriculum based on four domains of wellbeing: professional, physical, psychological and social. Through activities and structured emotional and mental resources, residents learn how to strike work-life balance despite the inherent stressors of physician training.
While maintaining wellness is important, there often is a silent stigma around mental health in medicine that discourages seeking help.
Stress, depression, and anxiety can make it difficult to unwind at night. Get support if you’re feeling overwhelmed. Talk to a partner, family member, your doctor, or reach out to the NYC EAP or NYC Well, for free, confidential help with stress, sleep, and mental health concerns.
As a New York City employee, residents have access to a range of mental health services through the Employee Assistance Program and their health insurance. City Employees can also access free, confidential mental health support through NYC Well 24/7.
NYC Well offers immediate support, crisis intervention, and referrals to in person services for anyone seeking help for mental health and/or substance abuse. 
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