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New York Medical College at Metropolitan Hospital Center



Welcome to the

General Surgery Residency Training Program



New York Medical College and this program has a rich history/tradition of being one of the first Medical Colleges in NY committed to diversity and equity. 

The true strengths of our surgery residency program is in the diversity of our residents and faculty, which mirrors the cultural diversity of New York City.  

General Surgery Residency Consists: 

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Men and Female Residents.jpg

While there are now a handful of women heading up surgical departments in the United States and Canada, there is still a long way to go. In North America, A survey of surgeons carried out at the turn of the current century showed 20.3% of surgeons were female.

There are still so many challenges facing women in surgery today: pay equity, economics, family leave, healthcare reform, changes in academic medicine, resident education, and work-life balance. Many of these issues affect both men and women, majority and minority groups, and they affect their ability to do their jobs and live their lives well.

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