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New York Medical College at Metropolitan Hospital Center



Welcome to the

General Surgery Residency Training Program


Life in New York City

Many of our residents choose to live in the Upper East Side of Manhattan near Metropolitan Hospital and commute to our participating hospitals, while others may choose to live in more suburban areas such as Westchester, New Jersey, Long Island, or other boroughs of New York City.


They say if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. NYC is like nowhere else. Not just in the NYC culture, but in the way this city acts and the way this city looks.

Metropolitan Hospital is located in East Harlem, New York City. Just above the Upper East Side.

East Harlem is a daily mix of cultural, historical, and artistic fusion. Newcomers from all walks and origins continue to shape the local food, culture, and commerce scene. Family-owned restaurants and businesses add to the “know-your-neighbor” vibe.

Residents can enjoy the East Riverside Promenade with views to Randall's Island and Roosevelt Island, and the proximity to Central Park and the Museum Mile.

The neighborhood is also full of restaurants and food marketplaces walking distance from the Hospital with healthy options and salad bars; and there is a Farmers Market every Friday just at the entrance of the Hospital, on Second Avenue Between E97th and E99th Streets. 

No city in the world has the wealth and breath of life that New York has. Whether you enjoy museums or concerts, whether you want to spend your nights off at bars, clubs, or lounges, whether you like to eat dinner at 7PM or midnight, you will find what you are looking for in New York. It offers incomparable cultural attractions, entertainment at all hours of the day or night, every day of the week, public transportation that functions 24 hours per day.

Whether you're a native New Yorker or just visiting for the next five years, you will sure develop a new appreciation for this great city as the center of the universe. 

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