New York, NY


Metropolitan Hospital Center is located at the border between the Upper East Side and East Harlem (Spanish Harlem) in Manhattan. Founded in 1875, it has been associated with New York Medical College in the longest partnership between a private medical school and hospital in the United States. Primarily serving uninsured and Medicare/Medicaid patients of New York City, especially its large population of Hispanic Americans in Spanish Harlem, our surgical residents and faculty are proud and humbled by the opportunity to provide quality surgical care to this underprivileged and grateful population. Residents have a superb operative experience, and since many patients present after a long time-delay, residents have the opportunity to learn the natural history of advanced surgical diseases.

Metropolitan Hospital Center serves as the "home base" for all our residents to converge for weekly Academic Wednesday morning conferences (See Curriculum page). Additionally, since this hospital was an early-adopter of one of the first-ever electronic medical record systems, and is home to a large and largely-untapped repository of clinical information potentially vital to the surgical literature. Thus, residents have the opportunity to design, to apply for IRB approval, and to publish retrospective studies with surgical data spanning more than a decade.